I am the worst news you could ever receive. I am struggling to escape from the clouds that imprison me.


Cool breeze of early October swooshing around us. It was kind of awkward actually. To be able to walk with stranger, well not really since we were classmates. But still, we had been attending the same class which I could not recall talking to you at all. So that day, since I was the only one in my batch who took the class, I figured that I might have to walk alone all the way to the dormitory which was like a thousand miles away. I did not mind though for I could enjoy the air. I think I was about to get out of the building when you came into the view and greeted me. I really did not remember most of the details but yeah we continued walking anyway. As I said before, it was a bit awkward but we managed to warm up. As a curious gentleman, you, of course, asked me a lot of things and I remember telling you that I learned your language though. And you were smiling, saying courageous words for me to continue and even practice it with you. I remember, too, telling you about my favorite rock band from your country and giddily, or rather clumsily, showed you my status for messaging app which was a line from their famous song. It was in front of the first dormitory of the campus and we stopped for a while. You were, again, smiling. Your eyes met mine and you looked so amazed for me being able to speak your language and also know your culture. You then asked for my id for that messaging app. We then continued walking until we were in front of your dormitory. Our dormitories were side by side but I needed to walk extra footsteps because mine happened to be the last and farthest one among all. We said goodbyes and you waited for a moment before you went into your dormitory. The whole journey from the building where our class located to the dormitory felt so slow and so warm and I can still feel it now. Later that night, my phone beeped and you sent me a smiley and asked me "How can I call you? Just Liza?". And our friendship began from there. Or should I say my crush on you began from that very moment?