I am the worst news you could ever receive. I am struggling to escape from the clouds that imprison me.

I Don't Want An Ending

Settings: February, piazza

I walked into a room, finding you in despair. You were standing next to the window and your eyes were fixed at the piazza. "Dad has gone lost." I got flashes. Dad were at the piazza having problem with local. He was being scolded and somehow he disappeared. I automatically panicked. "Let's go find him" I said but you seemed immobilized. I took your hand and slowly you came to life and you gave me that one-million-dollar smile. We walked down the stairs and went straight outside. We looked around and the place had been cleared, except for the grumpy local who was trying to fix whatever problem that was 'created' by dad. We went to the right and somehow ended up at a barbershop who happened to sell books outside. I took moments to take a breath and you were talking to the barber, asking if dad was around or not. The answer was negative. You looked so upset and I tried to reach you again. This time, you jailed me in your arms. That felt warm despite the cold breeze of February. Your arms enclosed tightly on my waist as you were trying to calm down. My right ear was right on your chest and I kept counting your heartbeat as it went from frantic to slower. I heard you inhaling my scent as you were sinking into my left shoulder and I really felt serene at that time. Not so long after that, a cough was heard, aiming us. Our hug went loose and we looked at the intruder. It was your dad. "Didn't expect you lovebirds to come out from the room. Here for my lovely daughter". Dad handed me out a fresh stalk of rose and he acted out as if nothing had happened early. I looked up to you and you were trying to hold back your inner battle. "Well, why don't we have lunch now?" You asked, masking the emotions felt while grasping my hand. "Sure, son. Sure" Dad patted your back and we walked off together. The scene faded away, but not the feeling. It was surreal, it lingered there, it made me alive, and I didn't want an ending for it.