I am the worst news you could ever receive. I am struggling to escape from the clouds that imprison me.


There is something about her to be admired. Her strong will of surviving. Back then, it didn't show up very well. However, after not being able to see her for years, I literally believe in what people keep saying, "She has changed". The most visible change would be her eyes. Her eyes are now reflecting the confusion that has been messing with her head but still looking so stern so people won't dare to rile her up. Surrounding the two pools is the darker shade of her sun-kissed skin. It is the evidence of countless nights spent by thinking endlessly about the past and the future. However, I do not believe that it is her own ("bad" as people would say) choice to change. I believe that she has changed but it is due to the pressure she has been oppressed to for a long time. She used to be one of the sweetest-but-can-be-extremely-crazy girl and I believe she has not stopped being that. Only that somehow people keep viewing her as a bad girl. Despite what people would say, I firmly believe in her because I once got to know her being a humble yet innocent white canvas before being painted black by the society. Though I was never that close to her, she has always inspire me to go further. Though I might not be remembered by her, she is always in my heart that it hurts to see her succumbing into the pain.