I am the worst news you could ever receive. I am struggling to escape from the clouds that imprison me.

Clasping hands

It was blurry yet I could make out the faces. They were ours. Yours and mine. We were laughing heartily at some random jokes and when we stopped, we would just have that staring competition. Your perfect imperfection mesmerized me and the loving look you had when you were eating the view of my face made my knees jellying out. The light turned green and you started to tear the look away from me. I rested my head on the window and smiled to my own self. Gazing to the beautiful scenery outside, my right hand flew to your left hand before having it imprisoned. Hmmm... I liked the way our hands fit each other. Your hand felt so warm and gentle that my hand melted into yours. You played with the ring that was on one of my fingers and dragged it up to your lips. It was lovely, you know? I felt blessed and loved. I then had them rest on my lap. I took another glance at you who were smiling like an idiot before I went to slumber with heart floating to the air. But when I opened my eyes, those moments were already gone. Oh I must have forgotten that I have never met you and it was just a good dream like the others. Thank you for visiting me again after you have been missing for quite a period. Till we meet again, my love. xxx